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Forum Rules - Please read before posting

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 03:05 PM

Forum Rules


What happens if you break the rules?

The moderator will remove or edit your post and e-mail you explaining why your post has been edited/removed. 

In extreme cases you may be banned (or suspended) from making further forum posts.

The interpretation and application of “the rules” is done by forum moderators.  Their decision is final.


The Rules

There are only four simple rules:


Rule #1 – Be Nice

If you are a nice person you don’t really even need to read this part!

  • All posts must remain polite and respectful. 
  • User names that have the potential to cause offence to any other user may not be used.
  • Images that have the potential to cause offence to any other user may not be used as avatars.
  • Spam is prohibited.  Spam means the promotion of products or other web sites rather than a genuine contribution towards solving the problem being discussed.  Signatures may not include links to third party websites.
  • You may not use this board to offer solutions in exchange for money.
  • Posts may not promote any illegal activity (such as by-passing copyright protection measures).

Rule #2 – Make the forums as useful as possible

  • Posts must be made in English. 
  • This forum is about using Excel rather than extending it with the VBA programming language.  Suggested solutions to problems must use standard Excel features (including recorded macros) and not be implemented using VBA program code.
  • Do not suggest that a user moves a discussion to private messages or another forum. 
  • Do not post duplicate questions.  
  • If you think another member has broken one of the forum rules use the "Report" button underneath the post to refer it to a moderator. Do not refer to the violation within the discussion thread itself. 
  • The moderators may correct your posts for typos or grammatical errors if this will make them easier for others to read. 

Rule #3 – Do not link to other sites

Your post may still be on our forum in several years’ time. The Internet is constantly changing and if you include links in your posts it is probable that the linked data will change (or disappear completely) in the future. 


We can only be sure that links to pages and posts on our own site will always work correctly.

For this reason you can only post hyperlinks to:

  • Any ExcelCentral.com video or e-book lesson
  • Any other thread or posting in the Excel Central forum.

Apart from these two types of links, information should always be provided within the post and not by a link to another resource.


Rule #4 – Stay focused

  • Keep scope as narrow as possible.  Don’t ask questions such as: How do I create an accounting system using Excel
  • Use concise and accurate thread titles.  Don’t create threads with abstract names such as Please Help, Need Advice etc.
  • Keep answers on topic.  Don’t post a new unrelated problem on a focused thread.  Start a new thread instead.
  • Do not post one-liners that add no value to the discussion such as OK, I agree etc.

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