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Formula for employees with highest sales

MAX VLOOKUP pivot table

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#1 JohnF



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Posted 26 May 2014 - 04:15 PM

I have a workbook with 5 sheets. Each sheet 2 through 5 is a different store. Sheets 2 through 5 have different employees’ names in a1:a5 and their total sales in b1:b5. On sheet 1 I want the highest sales amount of each sheet (2-5) in b1:b5 and the name of each employee beside the employee’s total sales amount in  a1:a5. Sheet 1 will list the top 4 employees of the 4 stores and their sales amount.

Thank you 

#2 Jonathan


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Posted 26 May 2014 - 09:04 PM

Hi John,


There are at least two different ways that you could do this.  The 'simple' way would be to use the MAX function to extract the maximum sales from each of your worksheets and then the VLOOKUP function to extract the name of the employee with the same number of sales.  If there are two employees "tied" for the top sales, this will extract the first employee.


For a full explanation of the MAX function, see the video lesson: Expert Skills Lesson 3-2: Use common functions with Formula AutoComplete.

For detailed instructions on using the VLOOKUP function, see the video lesson: Expert Skills Lesson 3-22: Use a VLOOKUP function for an exact lookup.


I have attached an example workbook showing this approach:


Attached File  employeesmax.xlsx   11.8KB   277 downloads



An alternative approach would be to store all of your data in a single worksheet and then use pivot tables to analyze and display it.


For a complete run-down of pivot tables, see the video lessons in: Expert Skills Session Five: Pivot Tables.


Pivot tables are more complex, but they offer more flexibility in analyzing data. I have attached another example workbook extracting the totals using pivot tables:


Attached File  employeespivot.xlsx   22.45KB   278 downloads



I hope this information is useful to you.  Please feel free to reply if you have any more questions about implementing this.

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